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It’s All in the Details


Apollo has the ability to handle asbestos, universal waste, contaminated soil and other environmental issues related to demolition projects. We have extensive experience in the removal, handling and disposal of various contaminants, including asbestos, PCB’s, mercury, lead and other wastes.

Apollo is experienced in asbestos removal under a full range of applications and conditions. Whether the project involves pipe, sprayed-on, plaster, floor tile and mastic or other varied asbestos containing materials, we are confident we can complete the work efficiently, cost effectively, safely and in a professional manner. Our ability to control and properly plan all aspects of this work is a direct result of our work force experience. Our managers each specialize in areas of remediation and demolition work, and we always utilize the most qualified waste haulers and disposal facilities to support our operations.

Asbesto & Environmental Abatement: Services
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