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Apollo’s management team has always stressed safety. Training issues receive the highest priority. Ownership and all levels of management dictate that safe operations shall always take precedence over cost and schedule issues.

Apollo has an established health and safety program designed by the National Demolition Association. Our Corporate Safety team remains current on regulations and requirements.

Typically each project will bring its own unique tasks and safety considerations. Prior to starting work activities, Apollo will prepare a Site Specific Healthsafetystatsmall and Safety Plan outlining specific issues and procedures to be executed by all site employees and subcontractors.

To ensure our employees are educated with the best safety awareness, our company provides the following training:

• All new hires receive a copy of our Health and Safety Program for their review.

• New Hires are placed with a knowledgeable foreman and a team of experienced personnel. •As employees increase their level of responsibility, additional training and supervision is provded.

• Apollo has a highly-awarded Safety Consultant who works to ensure all operations are current and safe.

• New Hires are given especially close supervision in their initial days of employment.

• Apollo holds two annual safety review meetings to ensure all staff members are up to date on procedures and standards.

• Every day starts on the job site with a toolbox meeting to review what happened the day before, and to review the site specific safety plan for that day.

• Apollo’s asbestos specialists have completed the 40 hour Asbestos Worker/Supervisor Training.

• Apollo’s environmental remediation team members have completed 40 Hour OSHA Hazwoper Training.

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