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The Apollo Team has performed well over 4,000 projects which involve various aspects of demolition, dismantling, environmental abatement and site work. The TEAM has successfully completed projects in the public and private sector on a coast to coast basis. Our extensive experience includes all types of manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, automotive plants, shuttered factories, and other large structures such as hospitals, office buildings, hotels, academic campuses and commercial real estate. Apollo has worked for various federal, state, and local government agencies.

Apollo Dismantling Services Capabilities:

•Asbestos Abatement
•Regulated Materials Removal
•Total Structure Demolition
•Tower Demolition
( Microwave, water, cellular, radio)
•Curtain Wall Removal
•Surgical Demolition
•Interior Demolition
•Equipment Removal
•Foundation Removal
•Site Work

Demolition and Dismantling: Services
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