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Demolition and Dismantling

The Apollo Team has performed well over 4,000 projects which involve various aspects of demolition, dismantling, environmental abatement and site work. The TEAM has successfully completed projects in the public and private sector on a coast to coast basis. Our extensive experience includes all types of manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, automotive plants, shuttered factories, and other large structures such as hospitals, office buildings, hotels, academic campuses and commercial real estate. Apollo has worked for various federal, state, and local government agencies.

Apollo Dismantling Services Capabilities:

•Asbestos Abatement
•Regulated Materials Removal
•Total Structure Demolition
•Tower Demolition
( Microwave, water, cellular, radio)
•Curtain Wall Removal
•Surgical Demolition
•Interior Demolition
•Equipment Removal
•Foundation Removal
•Site Work

Asbesto & Environmental Abatement

Apollo has the ability to handle asbestos, universal waste, contaminated soil and other environmental issues related to demolition projects. We have extensive experience in the removal, handling and disposal of various contaminants, including asbestos, PCB’s, mercury, lead and other wastes.

Apollo is experienced in asbestos removal under a full range of applications and conditions. Whether the project involves pipe, sprayed-on, plaster, floor tile and mastic or other varied asbestos containing materials, we are confident we can complete the work efficiently, cost effectively, safely and in a professional manner. Our ability to control and properly plan all aspects of this work is a direct result of our work force experience. Our managers each specialize in areas of remediation and demolition work, and we always utilize the most qualified waste haulers and disposal facilities to support our operations.

Asset Recovery

Apollo offers comprehensive asset recovery services. We strive to help our clients optimize recycling efforts and recover maximum value from their assets. In many cases, our asset recovery and recycling services can completely offset the cost of a demolition or dismantling project. Using specialized methods and strategies, we can redeploy equipment or materials to another location or facilitate return or trade-in to the manufacturer. We can also sell assets on- or off-site through Apollo’s extensive network of used equipment dealers.

Contact Apollo for our current list of available equipment 716.278.9419

Apollo is dedicated to recycling, deconstruction for re-use and minimization of our waste streams. We are exceptional in recycling metal, concrete, brick, wood elements, architectural features, and other materials associated with our demolition operations. We regularly process crushed aggregate from concrete and re-use the material on the project site as backfill.

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